Why hire a team?

Because in the long run, it’s the most cost effective solution to build quality software.

I could just assemble my own crew!

Absolutely! However, finding good programmers takes time and is very costly. Recruiting a complete, productive and effective team? It can take years.
Hiring us gets you that instantly.

I could just outsource!

Of course, but what seems like an easy way to get code usually turns into a massive resource sink. Through painfully battling with cultural differences and misunderstandings, you end up with a product that requires so much maintenance that your initial savings are lost.
Our way of working ensures that you’ll be satisfied with your product, for a long time!

I already have one!

Sure, but they’re probably very busy. Distracting a team with launching a new product or trying new ideas is never productive. Besides, here is one thing you can NOT do with your employees: upscale or downscale according to your current needs and resources, on demand.