Naq aims to help people to protect their business and their livelihood. The Naq solution does not only provide the necessary tools to stay safe from attacks, or "be GDPR-compliant", but it empowers business-owners to take control over their information security.


We helped Naq move to the next stage of their solution by developing an interactive demo which captures the spirit of the solution.

Sails IT were incredibly responsive and professional. They turned around a working demo in a really short time which perfectly captured our requirements. The guys at Sails are great and I highly recommend them.
Chris Clinton - Naq Cyber

The problem

  • They used a large collection of tools, each generating data in various formats
  • Generating the reports manually cost them a lot of time
  • They needed to repeat the process periodically and update their clients
  • Their training system was manual


The problem
The solution

The solution

  • Reports are generated automatically from integrating their various tools
  • Recommendations are aggregated in an easy actionable checklist
  • Clients can access the platform and quickly evaluate their security level, and take appropriate actions if necessary
  • Training related activities are embedded in the platform
Naq Login

Users can log in to their private dashboard.

Naq Dashboard

The main dashboard displays a high level overview of their situation.

Naq Monitoring

The subsections of the dashboard allow to drill down into the data to see more details.