Moeiteloos Leren provides a plethora of resources for parents, teachers and coaches to help them create the best possible environment for children to flourish. We helped them by developing an interactive demo of their Leerscan which allows students to take a test which results in a plan that helps them study more effectively.

Sails IT could already show me a beautiful demo during the meeting. Very pleasant, I immediately got an impression of what the software could look like. They helped think of new ideas, even things I hadn't considered myself. Fantastic.

The problem

  • They manually used their “Leerscan” method to determine the best way for students to study
  • There was a very rudimentary system in place to take this survey
  • They had no centralized way to handle the results
  • The clients didn’t have access to this data
The problem
The solution

The solution

  • Clients can login, pay for and take the survey themselves
  • Results are stored and analyzed automatically
  • Result of the process is immediately available
Moeiteloos Leren Login

Users can log in to their own accounts.

Moeiteloos Leren Leerscan

Students can take the Leerscan.

Moeiteloos Leren Results

Teachers or parents can monitor the progress of the tests and see the results.