Global Link is optimizing recruitment, one industry at a time. The goal: to connect employers directly to available workforce while reducing time spent on paperwork and administration to a minimum.

We helped Global Link achieve these goals by developing a fully fledged next generation recruitment platform.

Bram Blaauwendraad
We are thrilled with Sails IT's professional approach, expectation management, and commercial cooperation. Their methodical testing and modular software development gave us a stable foundation to build on. Their iterative process immediately gave us a sense of value for our users.
Bram Blaauwendraad - GLOBAL LINK

The problem

  • Recruitment is often a manual process, involving Excel sheets and phone calls
  • Employers and employment agencies need to collect, sign and share a lot of paperwork
  • There is often a lot of overhead in the recruitment process, with many intermediaries

Our solution

    • Employers and employment agencies can manage the entire recruitment workflow on the platform
    • Candidates are automatically matched to employers
    • Agreements and required paperwork are handled on the platform
Global Link login

Login screen for all users.

Global Link vacatures

A job opening in the platform.