Geert Konijnendijk

Making complicated problems understandable is one of the greatest joys there is.

There’s something about developing software that is immensely gratifying. Software development is a hobby that I’ve had for a long time and one that I consider myself lucky to practice as a professional. There’s a number of reasons why.

I’m not satisfied when I’m not learning new things. Luckily the field of software engineering is vast and ever-growing. There is always knowledge to gain in subjects that you already know, or new subjects to be investigated.

I like getting my teeth into hard problems and coming up with the best solutions. There are plenty of problems that can be solved using software. The key is finding out which processes can be automated and finding an efficient way to capture that in software.

I want to have tangible results quickly. I believe software engineering has the lowest bar of entry of any branch of engineering; only a computer is required.

These reasons fit Sails IT perfectly: I get to collaborate with companies in a large variety of domains, with real-world problems that are in need of efficient solutions. I apply my experience as a developer and my background in math, artificial intelligence and data science to provide these companies with a solution that satisfies them.