Ready to make your idea a reality?

A glimpse into the future


A demo is the first step in building an application. An interactive, tangible, concrete version of what you envisioned. An exciting glimpse into the future.

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The process is simple


During a call or in a meeting, you explain what you want to achieve and which problems you want to solve. And we get to know your business.


We take a week to create the demo application. During this week we may require some more information so we will be in touch to get some feedback.


We do another meeting where we present the demo that captures the spirit of your final product as we understand it.

Sails IT could already show me a beautiful demo during the meeting. Very pleasant, I immediately got an impression of what the software could look like. They helped think of new ideas, even things I hadn't considered myself. Fantastic.
Gideon Beeftink - Moeiteloos Leren

The result speaks for itself


You receive a poster-like application that gives you a feel of what can be done, and could be presented to investors or potential customers. We’re convinced that a visual, interactive demo is your best asset in situations where first impressions matter.

No strings attached


The demo will give you a sense of how it feels to work with us, and we aim to exceed expectations. Once we’re done, you can decide if you want to continue and get our help to build out the application.

But there is no obligation. And the demo is free of charge.

So don't wait, we’re offering this as a limited time offer! Leave your contact details here and we'll get in touch shortly.